Missouri's Home Wins

Aug 13, 2008
I have never understood the mentality of running down your opponent. This makes it a no win situation. If we win then we beat a garbage team, and if we lose well you know the narrative.

I guess their fan base could say the same about us. It took a goal line stand to beat a team with a wide receiver playing QB.

We have improved greatly since the first game fiasco, but we are not a great team in fact I would say we are average.
I think it's called "bias".

The funny part is before the game we run them down, then after we act like we beat a good team. At this point the goal is to make a bowl and beat who is in front of us, so what kind of team they are I really don't care about. But I'm also not going to act like we've beaten any good teams either. UK will probably get to a bowl, but SC and MSU aren't. UAB will but only because they play in the CUSA and their schedule is a joke. They've played 3 teams with a pulse and lost to all 3. Mizzou might earn bowl eligibilty even if they aren't allowed, but they're hardly a great team either and they are nosediving. And Vandy is fighting with Arkansas for worst team in the SEC.

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