Mimi Collins to Maryland



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Mar 21, 2018
Sorry I'm way late to this party but I've been away. Seems very strange that the player reportedly most loyal to Holly ends up playing for LV public enemy #2. I realize its close to home for her, but still. So the transfers go to Geno, PE #1, and Brenda PE #2.

OTOH, I find it actually encouraging that Westbrook and Collins were deemed good enough by these coaches to contribute to their elite programs. Though I'm convinced of the previous staff's total inability to develop talent, the on court presentation was so poor I was beginning to fear all the players were also vastly overrated and not really very good. But apparently Geno and Brenda see some there there so that gives me great hope there's also there there for players like Green, etc. still on our roster.

Unless, of course, Geno and Brenda took these players as a final thumb in the eye of the old school LVs. Both of these coaches ethics were once again publicly called out, arguably deservedly so, during the recent LV coaching search. Maybe not a coinkydink that the two transfers went to LV public enemies 1 and 2?

Whatever the reason for going or staying, I wish nothing but success for every single LV on any roster lucky enough to have eligibility left after the waste of their precious time under the previous regime. They got caught in a sh&t show not of their making, they deserve good things now.

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