'20 MD DL Dominic Bailey (UT commit 2/16/2019)


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Apr 5, 2009
I honestly feel this class will only feature a couple 3 star players. We have an all star staff and I still feel like this a dream considering we haven't had things go our way lately. Wait to you see the DB class Ansley will put together oh gawd
DB’s Ansley puts together and the WR’s Tee assembles.

WR will be a huge need this cycle. Bet we snag at least three highly rated guys.

.... not to hijack the thread or anything.

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Jan 23, 2009
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Also, slightly off topic, but I don't know why some vol fans are insisting on calling Nieds "Moose." IIRC when someone recommended it on twitter, he (Niedermeyer) responded that he wasn't a fan of it.
Our fans are the dork lords of nicknames. They tried to give David Oku and Bryce Brown something like “Fire and Ice” before the first game was played.


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Jan 23, 2005
Our fans are the dork lords of nicknames. They tried to give David Oku and Bryce Brown something like “Fire and Ice” before the first game was played.
We could just call him, i dunno. Nieds.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ then again, y'all got too much time on ya hands. Fwiw, i googled 'Old Greg', what in the 5 flying hells is that ****?
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Mar 1, 2012
Scouting report: Bailey has a great frame and he plays with a low center of gravity. He is physical and has fast-twitch muscles. He is athletic and has good arm length.

I saw Bailey in person last spring and loved his athleticism, fast feet and energy level. He dominates, as he should, in his junior highlights while playing at Salisbury (Md.) Wicomico but he will play his senior season at national power St. Frances. Bailey uncoils at the snap and plays low. His quickness and power is too much for Maryland high school public school opponents to handle. He plays violently.

He is quick with his hands, has the power to disengage and he can re-route down the line of scrimmage. He possesses the speed to chase a play down from behind along the line of scrimmage. He has tremendous body control. Bailey is best suited to play the 3-technique because he can shoot gaps and get up the field. He has the ability to collapse the pocket and his push at the point of attack allows him to disrupt the running game. He disengages quickly, locates the ball carrier and is a good tackler.

Strength is always needed when moving from high school to college, but Bailey is already strong and could be ready to play as a freshman, if it is needed. Working on a few more moves will aid him greatly since he relies heavily on power and speed.

Final Analysis: Bailey is underappreciated because of where he played his first three seasons. It is not heavily recruited but Bailey’s talent and ability is unmistakable. As he plays against better competition in practices and in games, his talent should come out even more and he will have the chance to make a big jump in the rankings. The Vols got a very good player who has NFL talent and size.
-Brian Dohn, 247

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