Louisville vs Miami ABC noon



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Nov 29, 2017
What game is everyone watching to ahem pregame with an IV infusion?

Game is in Miami. Stadium looks empty as hell.
Was going to pull for Louisville, and then i remembered that their QB, Plummer, was the QB at Purdue when they "beat" us in the Music City Bowl 2 years ago.
Well,so much for that. I was invested in the game because with a Louisville loss and Carolina win, Carolina was in the ACC championship game. Oh well.... Still hoping for Carolina to win out and make a New years bowl.
Cristobal is a terrible in game coach. 1st and goal inside 4. Run it up the gut 4 times and you will score. Didn’t do that. Then wastes a TO, then gets a 15 yard penalty after 4th. So instead of scoring or giving ball back at the goal line with 3 TOs, they get ball with hardly any time left on clock.
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