Lady Vol Softball Loses Recruit


SEC FAN 1111

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Apr 25, 2019
Never said they did or didn't apply to the kids in question. My point is that the change in rules has changed the dynamic of what commits and parents are expecting summer recruiting prior to the senior year of high school to look like. They have changed what other recruits and parents expect.

My point is both girls are seniors, so they have both been able to talk to any coaches they want to since September 1st of their junior year including the weekly’s. They both had verbal commitments left over from the old recruiting days which are not binding in anyway. Scholarship money, playing time or player development are usually the reasons student athletes look to Jump to another school. It’s always been that way those dynamics have never changed. The only thing that has changed is no more early recruiting. No more verbals for sophomores and below, which is for the best in my opinion.

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