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Y’all ain’t on the payroll.
Correct, but we are on an internet fan board whose stated purpose is to discuss the team, the games and the players. And to occasionally be scolded by those who for some reason I can never understand find it their job (on payroll?) to log in and tell us not to do what we're here to do. And it is, for the most part, NOT "bashing'.
Don’t you think these girls know their flaws? Don’t you think the coaches point out the flaws to the girls? The fans need to remember that’s the coaches’ jobs.
Yes, we're aware the players don't need us to provide coaching and analysis to them. Absolutely no expectation we're revealing anything they don't already know. Which is why we've said over and over players, parents, anyone actually involved in the program has no useful purpose to read here. Huge waste of their time. We're just a couple of dozen know nothings discussing amongst ourselves. That ok with you?

Fortunately for all, there is a board for those who only want to hear supportive, highly moderated and controlled glory, laud and honor. And to imagine they're communicating directly to the team. Check out Maria's board, I think you'll find it much more to your liking.
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