‘23 LA CB Jordan Matthews (Tennessee)

DeShawn Rucker is an “actual” CB. He certainly has the speed, and has decent hips to play the position.
He wasn’t available at the start of this season, and was out again late in the season, including vs USCe.
I wouldn’t call him a solid CB now. But, he’s young, and will hopefully develop into one here.
I just rewatched the AL game the other night and kept noticing Rucker. Always making plays. He gave up a long pass but was in great position, just a perfect pass and catch. He was also in good position on the end zone flag where he was pulled down. If he improves he could start next year imo

Still mind boggling how we got this dude rite outta Lsu backyard!Naw they just don't let those dudes leave the state period so he's earned my respect from the jump.Hes stayed committed and loyal throughout the process.

I mean seems alot of our guys Gibson,Sham etc had coaches banging on the doors and all of them stayed committed.To me personally that says a ton about those kids and our coaching Staffs ability.I mean numerous times in the past would we have lost or had 5 or 6 recruits flipped on us.
Jordan Matthews
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