‘23 LA CB Jordan Matthews (Tennessee commit)


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Mar 21, 2009
I believe that offense and defense Present their own challenges. Again, this isn’t an all or nothing question. The defense doesn’t have to be #1. Currently it’s 100 overall and 1 spot from dead last in past defense. You could start four walk on in the back 4 and do that.
Last game can’t happen….. when Heup started here… he stated that you should judge the defense on these factors…. Causing negative plays…. Turnovers…. Red zone defense….He doesn’t give a sh&t about total yardage…. Most of the year… the defense has accomplished those goals in every game except Alabama, Georgia(1st half), and South Carolina Due to more plays and trying to keep up…. Teams are attempting 6 plus passes per game more against us on average.
Nov 28, 2021
I watched a large portion of the South Warren vs Fredrick Douglass 4A State Championship game ( Kentucky HS)

Warren won. However, I will admit to you, Conyer had a trash game. He gave up 2 Tds and wasn't a big factor in the Championship game
He’s terrible. His offer list and lack of defensive plays in his senior highlights tells me all I need to know. Willie Martinez’s credibility on how to recognize and develop DBs dwindles with each passing week. So the narrative that people should trust this staff’s evaluation of him simply isn’t true in my opinion. I personally think he should be given a GIT shirt and they should take Tyler Scott instead. He’s better in coverage, has better closing speed and I know 7 on 7 isn’t football, but it does show perimeter player’s ability to play with the ball in the air and play in space and he looks really good in that regard. With good coaching I think he could play a lot as a freshman at the star. He’s a solid tackler and looks to already be better in coverage than McDonald. In my opinion Conyer’s ceiling is a rotational player at Star and he will never be a starting corner in the SEC. Especially with Martinez coaching him
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