'20 KY DT Octavious Oxendine

Mar 1, 2012
“It was nice. I had been there before. They showed me alot of love when I walked in. I had a nice talk with Coach Pruitt when I got there and with coach Ansley. I got to visit with coach Rocker again. I had a nice talk with him. I got to spend some time with some of the guys as well,” Oxendine said. “The game was nice and it was a nice environment. It was a pretty good visit overall.”

Oxendine had visited a few times with head coach Jeremy Pruitt and Pruitt's message this weekend was that he wanted Oxendine to see some new things that he didn’t get to see in his first trip to Knoxville. “We had spoken a couple of times before. He talked about how he wanted me to get around on campus and see some different things that I didn’t see the first time I was up there. It feels like home up there,” Oxendine said. “Every time you are up there it feels a little different. We talked about stuff like that. We talked about how it was for him transitioning to being a head coach and to the players. We talked about the coaching changes he made this year.”

Oxendine had spoken with new defensive coordinator Derrick Ansley on the phone but Saturday was the first time the two had sat down and visited. It was a phenomenal opportunity to get to know the former NFL assistant. “We had talked on the phone a couple of times,” Oxendine offered. “This was the first time we had talked in person. He’s a nice well rounded guy. He talked about how he and coach Pruitt have a great connection and how they have been together years before which is why he’s wanted him on this coaching staff.”

The class of 2020 prospect got time with some familiar faces as well including defense line coach Tracy Rocker. “He’s an honest guy and he always keeps it as they say up there a 100 with you,” Oxendine said. “Even the players told me that’s how he is on and off the field. He coaches you hard but he’s always going to treat you like you are one of his.” “They like me as a nose or as a 3-technique at tackle. Coach Rocker always talks about how being versatile is good. So playing multiple positions helps.”

Oxendine’s normal interaction with the Vol staff routinely comes from tight ends coach Brian Neidermeyer. The second year assistant coach made quite an impact on the Vols 2019 class and he’s made a real impression on Oxendine as well. “Coach Neidermeyer is my guy. He’s funny,” Oxendine said. “Every time I talk to him he makes me laugh. He’s always joking and laughing but when it’s time to be serious he’s serious.”

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