Kim Caldwell is the Future for LV's

Hiring a new coach that excels in entirely different ways than our teams of recent years (defensive pressure, creating many turnovers, and shear athleticism) is bound to create excitement. Nothing wrong with that. An analogy is when a football team has been based on a pro style quarterback who doesn't ever run and gets sacked a lot and there is a touted dual threat quarterback that has been on the bench for a year: People always can't wait to see the new quarterback. What tends to happen is that the new quarterback is good but has some struggles, which then gets people to reset their expectations. Despite my knowing this, I can't wait to see CKC's style and feel very enthusiastic right now. She will hit a wall with the new style at some point, which will anger many who have high expectations. I think the fascinating thing is to see how she tinkers with the system as she learns to apply it to the SEC and the SEC learn to play against it. It will take time, but it is here that I have confidence in her. She is such a go getter and a winner that I wouldn't bet against her with this challenge. We just have to give her time.
Good post. The LV program needed an entire make-over and change. Pat's accomplishments and legacy will live on with the LV program as it should, but a break from the coaching tree needed to be made. I liked Caldwell's statement in her press conference, she was not trying to be PS but wanted to put a team on floor Pat would be proud of. See what happens now.

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