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Feb 2, 2015
Great article about Kamara...didn't see posted anywhere. Everyone talks about his raw, freakish talent, which is evident, but the great ones always have curiosity and drive to get better. Kamara will sustain his greatness because he knows who he is, and knows he can get better...couple of quotes below. In reality, as it pertains to current Vols reaching a higher level...not 7-5, 8-4 level, but competing for SEC championship level, though we don't have an AK freak athlete on this team, we're going to need players to have this sort of confidence, and mind-set to be the best leading the way.

'All right, well, if I want to be the best, then I've got to know what the best knows.' And I think Drew is probably one of the (smartest) — if not the smartest — people playing football right now. I can only get better if I know as much as Drew or try to be on the same page at least as Drew."

"I'm so anxious to see like, 'What else?' You know what I'm saying? What else could I do? Where else could I line up? How else could I be successful? That's the best part of this profession for me," he said. "What's the next step you're going to take? 'Ok, he was good last year. How are you going to prove that you are what you are?'"

Saints' star back Alvin Kamara 'didn't know what was going on' at times in his rookie year

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