Kaidon Salter suspended

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Dec 1, 2017


*** for some reason the youtube channel played a video from last month introducing the offensive staff. That wasn't today.

*** has now started but I missed the first part... Will go back and update notes.

>Today was a great day for our program starting with pro day. It was an excited day. We had the opportunity to practice, compete. We had a bunch of mistakes but a lot of energy and effort.

>Haven't decided on any position changes. Will look into moving guys around after more evaluation.

>We pushed back spring practice so guys could have a better understanding of our playbook and scheme.

>We've challenged our quarterbacks not to make the same mistake twice. Likes how the quarterbacks handled tempo in practice. Made mistakes but did a lot of positive things also.

>Kaiden Salter wasn't at practice today as he's one of the group who has been suspended.

>Defensively our staff has great chemistry. Some have worked together before and have a high level of trust. Our players can feel that. Have great confidence in Tim Banks. Players players with great energy and communicated well.

>Some of our players are prideful and not excited about what happened last year.

>There's leadership starting to take place among the players. Great championship teams are built from within the locker room. This group is started to move that direction.

>Saw energy, effort/attitude today.

>Neyland Stadium is an unbelievable venue.

>Your program is always about who is in your locker room and guys in the building. Not the guys who aren't here. We're on a long journey of where we want to go. Our guys are competing and trying hard to meet expectations. We welcome anybody back that wants to be a part of that, but it's about the guys inside the locker room.

>We balance our practice on offense and defense. When we got into our tempo periods our skill players operated in a pretty good way. They had a good grasp of how we want to operate.

>It's a prideful group of kids. The expectations and standards here are extremely high and that's why they came to Tennessee. That's why I came to Tennessee.

>On the offensive line, communication is the biggest thing for those guys. The have to be able to see, recognize and communicate really quickly. It's a group that will continue to get better. Today was a tough day to see much, but we'll find out more when we get into helmets and shoulder pads in a couple of days.

/the end.
Salter suspended. Way to start your UT career Kaidon especially with your fathers condition the last few weeks. Where are all the “Kaidon is our messiah” supporters. Sounds like he needs a prescription for a “Time to be an adult” pill.


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Jul 31, 2011
I don't feel too bad for Salter but I do feel for his father. That guy is going through hell because he contracted Covid when he brought his son to Tennessee. VolNation gave a bunch of money to help with the medical bills and I just wonder what he thinks of his son's actions. I guess kids will be kids----but damn.
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