Jumping carp spotted in Tennessee river.



Absolut Orange
Nov 8, 2004
Is the Johnson 50 a 4-stroke 2-cylinder?
No. It's the older 50hp Fwd/Rev push button controller. Great engine, but if the piece (shaft?) in the engine that the push buttons control ever goes out it's basically a dead Johnson. It's not convertible to a standard Fwd/Rev lever control. I'd still prefer that risk over the Merc. Newer mercs may be ok. That's my 2nd older gen Thunderbolt o the one boat. It's kind of like a honda 125/250 4-wheeler. cold natured and annoying, but for merc people may be just dandy. I got the boat with the Johnson from my boss for $100. Really only needs some new wood in the seats and seat vinyl. So, I took it. Wife now says one has to go. And rightfully so. Me and the kid went out a good bit when we got the first one, then not so much the last 2 years.

But, let me tell ya....Either motor, on a 16 ft Monarch aluminum boat, screams down the river. 40/50 hp pushes them out real good.

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