'21 JUCO OLB Byron Young



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Nov 30, 2010
“They’re kind of, like, my main three,” Young said of the Tigers, Vols and Seminoles. “Missouri and Mississippi State, I was on kind of hard, too. But my top three, I’ve just been saying my top three. But I like all five of the schools.”
Young said no one has been recruiting him harder than Tennessee, which gave him his first Power Five offer on Oct. 27.

“I’d say Tennessee and Auburn are probably recruiting me the hardest,” he said. “Florida State’s in there, but not as hard as them boys.”
“I’m kind of building a good relationship with some of the coaches,” Young said. They call me every day, checking on me and stuff like that. I talk to Coach Pruitt, too. I call him sometimes and we talk — good conversation. He texts me and stuff like that all the time.

“They were like, ‘Just remember how we feel about you,’ and stuff like that. They really want me there.”
“I’m going to try and make that game this weekend with Tennessee and Auburn, and I’m going to try and make that game next week with Florida State and Virginia,” Young said. “I’m going to try to make it happen (this weekend). I told them I’m going to see if I can make that happen.

“(Tennessee’s coaches) want me to come, too. They were like, ‘That would be a good game to come to,’ since I’m closeby.”


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Apr 5, 2009
Since Oct 27 he’s picked up offers from UT, Aub, FSU, UGA, LSU, Miss St, USCe, Mizzou, Va Tech, TCU.

Def out of nowhere but we are hardly the only ones on him.
Savion Williams had a ton of late quality offers too.

This kids film probably pops because he’s a 24 year old grown man going against JUCO 18-19 year olds.

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