John Fulkerson to begin Pro career in Belgium

John is on the News (Nieuws) tab of the team website in his Tennessee uniform (orange with white letters edition). Leuven Bears' team colors are orange, white and black. GBO still working for John. The Bears are in the BNXT league with teams from Belgium and Netherlands. League is the top tier league in those countries with League winner advancing to Euro championship competition. Leuven Bears official sponsors are Stella Artois, a serious endorsement upgrade from cheeseburgers. Still, Stella Artois and cheeseburgers probably go good together. Worth a try.

Congrats John. How do you say GBO in Dutch?

Volnation blocks embedding the link to the team website within this post. The web address is The ".be" extension is correct.
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Good to hear that Fulky has teammates from back home over there!
Yeah, I'm sure it's nice to have some people you know there. Him and Victor were roommates. I wish I could catch some of their games, but I'm not sure how other than watching youtube highlights. I didn't know but John got married as well not that long ago. Happy for him.
Good find! One correction, though...that isn't Vic Bailey. He is on the back row standing next to Key.
Thanks for correcting!
Man, I studied those pictures against all the pics I could find online... and still missed him!

(Y'all remember this post the next time someone cites positive ID in a police lineup.)

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