JJJ ‘transformed’ body during offseason

Jan 4, 2011
I did some yoga classes for about a year, and stretched my body in ways I never new existed. It did help my flexibility and strength in my shoulders from doing "down dog" so much. But after a while I thought the classes were too long compared to what I could get out of running, swimming, or lifting plus some stretching afterwards. So my yoga now is a simple 7-8 minute set of Warrior I-II-III while watching evening news, that's it. No spiritual revelation for me. It will help James with his tight muscles, but I can't see it "changing his body"! It is a good way to meet women if you like that type, typical ratio was about 4:1 women to men.
Transforming your body isn't always visual. It's tough to look at someone and say "man that dude is flexible" without actually seeing it in action. So I would consider gaining a new level or two of flexibility "transforming" your body as I've experienced it myself. More based on how to can move/react/feel as compared to the aesthetics of it all. I don't "look" any better shape due to flexibility but I feel transformed for sure.

But agreed on your other points, no spiritual revelation for me. Just better mechanics and breathing.

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