Jarret Guarantano better than most vol fans think

Let me start by saying that I appreciate that this kids wanted to play for the Vols. However, it is becoming more and more clear that he is not the QB to lead this team out of our troubles. Watching him all last year and the two games this season, it is clear that he has not taken the necessary steps to excel at this level. Last week he was horrible and tonight has not been any better. He has over thrown a couple of players, an intentional grounding, multiple passes where the receiver bailed him out from an interception. He has on at least two occasions gotten the ball to the open receiver late, both if completed on time would have been a TD. It is time to move in from this train wreck.
He sux!
It wouldn’t matter what the defense gave up if JG could actually mKe a damn throw and keep us in the game. Both TDs tonight were not on him. Was all Jennings
No wins. Jack. And even the ESPN announcers had ZERO confidence in him as the game went on. They criticized him more in one game than your Volnation adversaries have in a year. Give it up. You are like Hiro Onoda the Japanese guy that refused to surrender and was still "fighting" World war 2 in the jungles of the Philippines until 1974.
10/13 over 9 ypa no turnovers
Well, I defended JG as good enough last game but he handicapped us this game.

Also, we should have designed a reverse on those runs once byu figured them out. Chaney.

Defense had it's moments but rush defense is a problem and we had several blown coverages, only one was exploited.

I think Strout and Maurer will get 20 minutes each next week.
I’ve been a supporter of JG but he is clearly regressing. Time for a change - the season is lost anyway. Might as well get the next man up ready
He missed touchdown throws not to mention the Jennings touchdown the receiver tipped. That was all Jennings. JG is staring down who he's throwing to.
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Jg had help
I never want to see JG again. Ever. Will not watch him play. 40 years I have never missed a game I could watch or listen to...that is over. I will not watch JG play again...whatever that means.

That said..

ALONTAE TAYLOR broke the 1 and only rule of a prevent defense...NEVER let anyone get behind you. No matter what. He did.

Then coach didnt yank him so he got torched for a TD 30 seconds later in OT...

Taylor and JG beat us. Not byu...

Makes me sick. Literally....and anyone still defending JG is a moron that never played football in real life. Stats ain't sheit...he sucks. Bad sucks. In many ways...

If the backups arent any better then we are screwed for years to come
Bailey isnt coming the recruiting class will fall apart because we suck so bad....get ready for it
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I can't stand Pruitt, but have been supportive of JG. That ended tonight. Time to play for the future now.
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Clearly this is a good example of how stats don’t tell the whole story...I jumped off the Jg bandwagon tonight. I’m trying my best not to just off the vol bandwagon but the school/players/coaches are making it really hard on me.
It’s obvious that in pressure times, the players and coaches have no trust in the QB. Understandable with a freshman qb, but not with a junior who has been here 4 years. Time to move on to someone else.

Make no mistake about it though, this is a bad team right now. Maybe they will improve but who knows.
Our offense was held back because JG was off tonight.

Something about the chemistry between JG and Chaney isn't right.
JG is simply trash!!!!! I tried, but I'm simply done!!! This is next level, I'm too drunk to respond! Screw it!!!
All praise goes out again to the check down king. No one can check down or throw late and behind his receivers better in all of college football. Jarrett GuaranteeNo Win strikes again!
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I know the JG bashers hate facts.
Ive been one to hold judgement, but he needs to go. If you want facts, he was extremely late with a pass right before half which is a 4 point swing that shouldve been an easy TD. Missed a wide open Palmer which wouldve at least been a FG and possibly a TD. Consistently checking down on 3rd down when he has plenty of time to direct someone open or allow them to work their way open. Terrible situational awareness and an INT that gave them a short field and they scored their only TD of regulation off of. With a competent QB, UT wins the game in regulation.

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