Is this the most talented Tennessee men’s basketball team ever?

I respectfully disagree.
Knecht reminds me of Ernie, a little bit ... scores at all three levels. Is a little bit on the physical side. I want to see the final output before I make a call on this one. But at this time I would give Ernie the edge. Ernie's defensive was certainly more polished.
There is no one on the team that compares to Bernard!
The teams are similar in that they did have great 'senior' leadership in Mike, Ernie, and Bernie. This team is led by JJJ, SV and DK.
They both wanted to run the floor and make it a fast paced game. If this team averages in the 80's we will exceed their 22-6 and first round exit from the NCAAT.

The teams are different. The times are different. The 76-77 team exploded down the floor. They were also an offensive juggernaut. That team was so incredibly quick. They hid a lot of their defensive issues with sheer speed and moxie.

This team is better defensively. If they continue to have balance due to offensively threats all over the floor, this team will be calling for the glass slipper.

My favorite TN bb teams of all time:
All the Lady Vols Teams during the Pat Summitt era
I appreciate your comments but you disagreed with me and then made no comments to show why this years team would be better than Ernie/Bernie team.

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