Is Georgia competing with Ohio State for ESPN Game Day records?



keeping it real
Sep 28, 2014
The outcome (not the spread) is for the most part, already settled in most expert commentator's minds, GA whips TN again. How they treat us, could very well depend on how we act. But I predict, they'll start the broadcast with something along the lines of, "The Last Time GA came into Neyland Stadium...….they'll talk about the goose egg, and Tennessee's struggles etc., this is going to happen. But if our fans start doing stupid stuff (throwing bottles at the GA players etc) they'll be most Uncomplimentary of our program. If we play in the same manner as we've been playing, out of gas in the second half, we'll hear about GA's star players Stats-a lot. I'm hoping for a clean game, and a good effort, some bright spots here and there. I know the only way TN is Ever going to become a good/great team is going to be with recruiting and coaching. A poor TV showing hurts recruiting, period.

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