Is Coach Barnes UT's best ever.

Is Coach Rick Barnes UT's best ever?

  • Yes

    Votes: 115 55.0%
  • No

    Votes: 9 4.3%
  • No, the jury is still out

    Votes: 92 44.0%

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Dec 2, 2011
You just said he had King, Grunfeld, Jackson , and Johnson on same team how is this not a choke job. Two greatest players all time on same team and Reggie Johnson
who carrried team his sr yr, how could this not be anything but classic choke. The next season loses to Southern Conference VMI, good coaches get maximum
from players. Mears did alot good things for Vol BB, this on him he could not win tourney games. KIng did not play VMI but he should have won game with JV team.
Meares could not win NCAA tourney games my point. GO VOLS........
Johnson only played for Mears as a true freshman.

That VMI team went 9-1 to finish 1975-76, beat DePaul in the S16 and made the EE, graduated just one player that averaged 6 PPG off of that team, went 26-4 the next year, and was 20th in the country. Ron Carter played in the NBA.
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