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Nothing better than good VOL Football
Oct 10, 2014
UTK, or The Tennessee Volunteers is located in the heart of the most high school football talent in America.

During the 1990s everyone loved the rivalry between Tennessee and Florida. All the while, the college football fandom as a whole didn't really understand what they were watching. Both loss to a roided up Nebraska program that took out the opposing teams feet using a technique that is now illegal. And when it finally became illegal, Nebraska slowly went away.
My point: in 1998 Tennessee won the first legitimate outright National Championship.

And the country saw a glimpse of what the SEC was really capable of.
Then came LSU. Then Florida. Alabama a bunch more. And now 24 years later EVERYONE in the world knows the best football talent was always in the Southeastern region of the United States...

As great as Alabama has been. As great as Georgia is becoming ,and as great as Texas A&M could he with the right coach...Tennessee has absolutely as much potential as them in building a great dynasty.

I could say the same for Florida too, but screw them. I'm talking about the Vols.
The Tennessee Volunteers are a program that all college football fans want to see succeed in some measure.

Some of y'all mistake my criticism of Heupels offense as me saying "he's not a good coach" or something like that. Y'all are wrong about me.
To me this offense is like a street fighter that it is undefeated on the streets mostly because of his natural superior fighting skill.

But what happens when a street fighter gets some in depth coaching? More than likely he becomes unstoppable in any street or arena.

So when I say Heupel needs "more" variety...its BECAUSE he has brought in such a wide canvass from which to paint from!
The tempo and spacing have created more potential...more so than any other offense i can see. But it's still kinda vanilla 2 x2 executions and design. Just a little more creative concept based of practical football logic.
His offense as it is now, needs to keep evolving BECAUSE eventually no defense will be able to stop it. It's a matter of Heupel being able to see it and develop it.
The wide spacing and pace are too much for most teams to defend. But not the elite defense.

Specifically: Heupel needs a power back element and rollout packages. Why? Because, that front 7 of any defense can't undle tempo+ power + moving pocket on an already spread out field. Not to mention mobile QB with WR and RBs that can make people miss and score. Also these increases our offense ability to keep the chains moving and keeping 3rd down manageable.

I criticism Heupel because I see a coach that can become GREAT one day if he's able to adapt. All the while leading a Tennessee dynasty that can be dominant for 30 years!!
Napier will never be a great. Stoops the same. Lane will always get in his own way.
The Goat Saban will retire. I believe Heupel has more coaching ability and potential than Kirby....

Apologies for the long rant. I don't just want Tennessee to be good. Because Tennessee CAN BE the dominant force in college football soon.

Beat Florida the way that we're supposed to Saturday and you'll all start to see it too!
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