'20 IN FB Charlie Spegal (Indiana commit)



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Jun 20, 2008

Over the past 2 seasons (25 games), Spegal's rushed 571 times for 5,802 yards (10.2 ypc) and 114 TDs.
  • 5-11, 225
  • 4.6 40
  • 4.01 shuttle
  • 420 bench press
  • 575 squat
  • ridiculous production on the field
  • straight A student
  • outstanding work ethic
Don't see anything not to like about this kid and amazed he doesn't have more offers.

Article from last December: It was the first day of full-contact drills last summer, and Maxen Hook was looking forward to going up against his team’s new running back. Delta transfer Charlie Spegal was finally in pads with his new team, and the hard-hitting Hook, a defensive back for New Palestine’s football team, had him in his sights. He had no idea what was heading his way.

“I’m coming across, I see him cut up the middle, and I was like, oh my gosh. Two guys, me and Brody (Luker) are going to hit him at the same time. We’re going to destroy him,” Hook said. “I hit him, maybe one of the hardest hits of all season, just straight, right to the chest. He didn’t really budge. Super loud crack, I turn around thinking I probably knocked him down … No. He’s standing in the end zone. I’m like, are you kidding me?...It was like running into a wall,” Hook added. “I figured I knocked the wall down. I turn around and he’s standing straight up. Brody is laying there on the ground, he twisted his knee on the play. We hit so hard, and Charlie’s just like, ‘OK, next play, let’s go.’ He wasn’t even fazed.”
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Nov 3, 2007
Certainly not qualified to give a recruiting analysis but my thoughts ......
1. Not blazing fast but not slow
2. Great motor.
3. Great feet
4. Good vision
5. Great lateral quickness and agility.

Something is amiss - Why no more offers from smaller schools? Would love to see him in orange and could see him in on Goal line and short yardage plays.

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