‘23 IL WR Carnell Tate (Ohio State commit)


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Jun 12, 2018
Get outta here. Did u see what Heup did with 2 star Tillman last year? What do you think he could do with Tate’s talent?
Did I miss where Tillman went in the first round of the NFL draft? ... or any UCF receiver while he was there? ... or any Oklahoma receiver while he was there? ... or any tight end while he was at Arizona?

Sterling Sheperd is the highest-drafted WR Josh Heupel ever contributed to the draft stock of... Round 2... Meanwhile, Bama puts 1-2 in the first round every year, and OSU is right around the same and still has the stockpile in the room to continue doing it for several more years... which means you have no pressure, you come in, you learn, you get a few snaps, wait for your turn, explode out of the cannon when ur up, and get drafted without much wear and tear on the body if you go to one of those programs...

Do not get me wrong here... I fully believe Heupel is a great coach that runs an electric offense, engages his players, and nearly single-handedly made Tennessee football fun to watch again... I fully believe Pope is a good coach...

but if you're *explicitly talking about a track record of putting WRs into the 1st-Round of NFL drafts*

... it does not exist, for Heupel, and it does not exist for Pope
... currently
... and maybe that changes in the future
... maybe soon, even
... hell, maybe Tate is the one that breaks the mold
... but currently
... as of today
... of this writing
... as far my eyeballs can see
... Josh Heupel has never put a WR in the 1st round of an NFL draft
... Bama and OSU are factories for it
... and you can tell me I'm "wrong"
... but this is not an opinion
... this is a fact
... so if I was an 18-year-old kid and could point anywhere in the sky and go there at the drop of a dime
... and that's *all* I cared about
... I would probably pick one of those two schools
... so back to the *ACTUAL* point
... if you're recruiting this kid
... it's probably best to sell him on *other* things that other schools in the mix aren't directly better than you at
... that's all I was saying, lol
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Aug 16, 2006
Sadly I have to agree with you. All signs point to Ohio State.
So he's intentionally keeping quiet and not feeding reporters... reporters and others are speculating... but the "signs" point in some direction?

I don't know. Don't claim to know. Don't have a way of knowing. So... I'll just wait until he speaks for himself and trust that the staff and Nico are doing all they can to pull him in... just like OSU is doing.

But you know... you don't know either. So why agree with a troll?


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Oct 5, 2013
Bro look anywhere but volnation. All signs point to Ohio State. There is a reason everyone is predicting him there right now
Looking at your post history and member date, you’re a troll. Just leave dude. He’s coming to UT. And when he commits to us, you won’t post again.

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