If Vols dropped football what team would you follow?


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Nov 30, 2017
If the they dropped football... hummmmm.

Since football is already becoming so dumbed down with the advent of so many new and crazy rules...... Most likely switch to rugby - New Zealand All Blacks (uniform color not racist) and or the British & Irish Lions.

and hockey - Predators and Blackhawks

Like one post above... It already kinda seems like they have dropped football as a competitive sport.... Maybe it could just become a club sport.

another good question could be.... what kind of useful facility could Neyland be converted too??
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Jan 25, 2010
I've got some other teams I keep up with and all, but if the Vols dropped football, that'd be when like Dale Earnhardt died ... I think I'd lose interest altogether.
(not saying Vol football is like someone dying, just saying I lost interest in racing when he died, and I think I'd lose interest in football as well)
Oct 21, 2012
Unless something really screwed up beyond our imagination comes around, not happening. But since you asked, under the current landscape of college football? Nobody. Hell, every time a targeting penalty is called, I change the channel. And that includes the Vols. My entire family and friends now know all too well not to utter that word in my presence. As to the jerk who coined the term, I wish upon him death, pain and misery, and in any order God or karma delivers it upon him. And as the referee puts his fist to his head, I want him to follow through hard with a skull shattering blow. As to the fans who cheer it? I hope the stadium collapses upon them.

So, until that absurd nonsense of a rule goes away, I will still follow the Vols as best I can stand to. I get my main sports fix from hockey, aussie rules football, the occasional baseball game, and the NFL when they don't wear goofy looking uniforms Which is proving to be way more common than I would like. Thanks, Nike.
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Nov 4, 2005
Because the chicken taste good.

PS. Wouldn't mind being an LSU fan. Lived in that area for 8 years. Geaux tigers!
TOTALLY agree !!!
I would still go if they dropped the sandwich because the chicken is that good.

As far as my analogy, I would likely still watch college football as a sports fan.
But the question was posed what team would you follow and I wouldn't follow a specific team just like going to Popeye's...I wouldn't get a particular item but sample from the entire menu.


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Sep 19, 2007
I would probably just quit watching. I'm almost there now. Seeing FLA beat us over and over again and Bama winning championships every other year has sucked all fun out of it. Add in UGA now owns us and it is downright difficult to find any joy.

I used to believe every year there would be some miracle or surprise to make the wait worth it. I'm slowly coming to the conclusion there will be no surprise or miracle. There is no wait, it is now just voluntary torture. My teens through my 20's was one of the greatest period in UT football history, so it makes now that much worse.

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