I didn't know the Walking Dead was still on.



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May 8, 2017
Just saw a commercial.

Can't believe people are still watching this worn out show.
I think the main series ended. Now it’s just mini series and spin offs.

There is a lot of crap on television. A LOT. Things much worse than TWD. I quit watching it but don’t judge anyone that still enjoys it.
I got bored with it towards the end but still watched it.

I watched the Maggie and Neegan spin off and the Daryl Dixon one. Neither are great but they're okay.
I loved it the first 5 seasons or so. I thought they made a mistake going to 16 episodes a season. They started dragging things out. Add in the spinoffs and it was way too much oversaturation.
I did about the same. Rick doing stupid things and getting people killed happened one too many times and have not watched it since.
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