How many coaches will loose their jobs after a Big Orange šŸŠ Loss in 2020



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Sep 13, 2014
Another blowout loss to UT by SC and that may be enough to fire Muschamp on its own merit. SC knows they need to beat UT and stay above our program in order to keep any type of momentum. If fans and recruits perceive we are a big step ahead of them, they will let management know it. Unfortunately for SC, I expect another lopsided blowout.

Kentucky may not fire Stoops, but he would be wise to go elsewhere. I think it will be evident by the end of the 2020 season that UT is firmly in UGA and UF tier. Once that happens Kentucky will be back to fighting for 4th place table scraps with SC and Mizzou. Thats never a fun game to play since the 4th place winner may win the keep their job while the other two losers are on the hot seat.

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