Harper, Sullivan officially announced as assistants


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Nov 14, 2016
Yeah I really like the coaching staff that Kellie has put together.... I can’t wait for the season to start.
I will admit I was worried. Then when she hired Sullivan I was like ugh could of been a better higher. Then I looked at it and she was able to bring OSU the #4 rated class (although Jordan and Zia got away from OSU) she got some really good out of state players and even got also a good 2020 player. She got OSU the bodies they needed and also got some transfers to fill out the 2018-19 roster so that’s pretty good.

The Goldwire hire I was like I never heard of her but then when I read that 1. Arkansas tried to match TN offer instead of just letting her go 2. She has put into different and difficult coaching situations 3. She has coached acrossed multiple conferences and been with some efficient offensive programs. 4. She has helped develop players like Sam Logic and Chelsea Dungee while also having a hand in recruiting Amber Ramirez.

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