Grant Williams to the Celtics



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Oct 10, 2007
NBA Draft 2019: The best and worst picks of the first round

Best picks
Grant Williams, Tennessee, Celtics, No. 22 overall: This one is actually kind of on the line of the Cameron Johnson pick. Williams was probably taken a little bit too early. He is a bit of a polarizing prospect who some ranked as high as 15 on their big boards but others saw him closer to the late first round or even early second. So the argument could be made the Celtics reached a little bit here.
But, Williams is just too perfect for the Celtics to dislike the pick. He's a hard worker who excels on the offensive boards and gets more out of his smaller frame than just about anyone in this draft. Brad Stevens will absolutely love this guy. And, he is a better shooter than people give him credit for, which also fills a need for Boston. The Celtics need shooting and Williams gives them that. It's really hard to dislike this pick.

You Go Grant!!!!!!

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