Girls of TN



Hillbilly Savant
Dec 21, 2008
Actually, I have a sad tale of one who did. She was a lithe and lovely red-headed lass who fell under the spell of a picture-in-the-dictionary loser eight years her senior. He preyed upon her when she was a freshman - lived under her roof, slept in hr bed, used her for his lust, ate her food, wore her clothes, never contributed a dime or anything of worth, and came and went as he pleased to dip his quill in other wells or pursue his dream of working in film making.

Essentially, this guy came to Knoxville to attend UT, never accomplished anything, and never left, electing to prey upon naive new arrivals ad infinitum. Sadly, she kept taking him back in, eventually married him, and bore him two children before wising up, divorcing him, and moving on.

Though I bear her only goodwill and am pleased for her happier later life, I am disappointed that she allowed this incubus to hold sway over her for so long.
Don't judge me....

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