Georgia Anniversary Patches



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Aug 12, 2014
I see a lot of trash talk on here and other sites and sometimes its just too much to bear. That's why I think I'm going to do something nice for some of our rivals this year.

In that spirit, I've taken it upon myself to design a patch for UGA's football team to wear on their jerseys. The SEC is tradition-rich and anniversaries are important. I especially liked the 150 year patches that every team wore this year in honor of the 150th year of college football, so, I started thinking and came up with the below for UGA in honor of their significant anniversary this year. If anyone has contacts with their Athletic Department, please pass this along--I'd like them to be able to get it in time to have the patches created and included on the jerseys for next year. And of course, in this act of kindness, I will not be charging UGA anything to use this patch.


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