Game Thread Lady Vols vs. Stanford

Feb 22, 2016
what u talking bout?? I hate when any player is being criticized..Every player we have works hard, only player that needs to work more hard is the coach that's it. Z.Green miss shot but she constantly fighting back. Looke like u never watched her game.
Depends on the voracity of the critique.
But in Zae's case,,she is a shooter who can drive.
A great weapon,,,but one you must understand that, must
"shoot" out of a slump

As a coach, you must coach this because her mentality must remain "the next one is going to go in"....That said, you don't wait for the shooter to stop jacking up bricks during a drought,,,you monitor them and if they start forcing their shot and looking for "that one to fall" ...You sub them and either let them cool themself off : or cool their jets for them.

You as the coach must pull them and let them sit, so they don't screw up their hard work with an off day. Meme was 2-4 on treys to start the game, but begin to force her shot and she ended up with 1-10 after that. . . As a coach, I can't let that happen. I have to tell Meme on a timeout (LOL) or by substitution,,right then, "focus on the things that are working for that day and test the water if you get a good opportunity and it can't hurt us.

What Meme did right though,

was taking the ball to the basket so she could see it go in. She got fouled on nearly every drive and it resulted in 5 Stanford fouls (I like that,,,Look for someone to make a victim on every drive!). This resulted in 17 points for her. Had she hit 3 of those three's 17 becomes 26.
3 more makes would have made for a very good scoring game.

In both girls cases;
A stallion will run itself to death if the rider doesn't rein it in....The rider, has to guide the stallion's bursts and rests. (Not to equate our players with horses...just a simple analogy)

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