Game Thread: 2023 Women's NCAA Tournament...Round of 16: Lady Vols v Va. Tech...Sat @ 6:30 ESPN2

We're rather lazy defensively---a lot of 3/4 defense by Horston, Jackson others. Not blocking out....It probably won't hurt
us today, but.....

This is right on. They missed a lot of close shots early or this would be tied. Not too impressed with defensive consistency and rebounding/block outs.
20-15 TN up after 1 quarter. St Louis makes 3 at buzzer. Missed layups, giving up offensive fouls, defensive breakdowns and turnovers the reason the game is close right now.

Before that crap 3, we were on pace for 80-48 victory. As it stands were on pace for 80-60 win, so...
Don't know what the hell happened to Puckett this year, but she seems like a waste of space on the floor and brings no value. Put Striplin in with Hollingshead. Why does Kellie continue to give her playing time when she doesn't box out, doesn't rebound, and turns the ball over 50% of the time she touches it???
Sarah “defensive liability” Puckett. I don’t know if we’ve had a player regress more in one year than her.

Unless we’re running plays to get her open, it makes no sense to have her in over Franklin. Especially when we’re struggling to rebound. Don’t get it.
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St Louis likes this hectic pace and we are known for our sloppiness so they are dictating the game right now.
Sleep walking out there. They aren’t just him b to lay down. The longer you let it stay close the more confident they become. Kellie needs to call a timeout and rip someone.

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