'25 GA WR CJ Wiley (FSU commit)



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Apr 5, 2009

Makes Rutherford County's High Schools look like big ole piles of garbage.
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From last night, UGA poster talking about mods:
They claim CJ is just about a done deal. They say Coley was the big deciding factor. I dunno take it with a grain of salt but I was cautiously optimistic even before seeing this.

UGA mod doing his weatherman shtick earlier today:

then his follow-up after the pick:
Never say never in this world, I told you guys there was no story on the back end here with him, we would find out together, spoke with a lot of folks the last few hours and everyone felt it was UGA. You can tell with no FSU media on site, it was tight lipped around this one. He is a very quiet young man..

Florida State getting the last visit, really must have been a big deal obviously.

Georgia will not let up here as you can imagine, but big get today for FSU and their staff. See what we hear over the next few days to a week.

Georgia will not have to wait too long to add another member of the 2025 class.....

Other mod posting a thread titled "I did not see that coming"

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