'22 GA RB Justin Williams (Cal)

I hope our current big back (DB) can work his way into some snaps soon.
Heupel said that DB is starting to develop much better practice habits and is starting to do things the right way with more consistency. Lack of consistency and good habits on and off the field is also why we haven't seen much of Jimmy Calloway. These coaches are building the culture the right way, and making these players have accountability.

Williams has been committed to West Virginia for almost four months. But he said he “probably will visit” Tennessee now that he has an offer from the Vols’ current staff, and he’s keeping an open mind about his growing list of options after also getting an offer from Michigan within the past few weeks.
“I’m still learning about (Tennessee),” said Williams, who’s ranked the No. 368 overall prospect and No. 32 running back in the 2022 class, according to the industry-generated 247Sports Composite. “I’m definitely interested in going up there sometime, just to give it a shot, give it a look.
“It’s a program that’s up-and-coming, as you can see. They’ve been playing well. The offense looks really good.”
While the start of the Early Signing Period for the 2022 class is less than two months away, the 6-foot, 205-pound Williams said he expects to make the trip to Tennessee at some point.
“I probably will visit there,” he said. “It’s not far away from home, so I don’t see why not.”
Williams said it doesn’t hurt that he knows one of Tennessee’s current players and a couple of the Vols’ Class of 2022 commitments.
“One of my friends, Miles Campbell, he goes there,” Williams said, referring to the Vols’ freshman tight end, who attended nearby South Paulding High School in Douglasville, Ga. “A lot of friends — Mo Clipper, he’s committed there, and Addison (Nichols), as well.”
Among them, Williams said he’s closest with “probably Miles.” He said Campbell reached out to him Friday shortly after Williams announced that he had added an offer from Tennessee.
“Me and him stay in contact all the time,” Williams said of Campbell. “He went to South Paulding. It’s, like, right down the road. I go to East Paulding.
“He texted me. He was like, ‘I’m so happy. I told you it was going to come in.’ He’s been trying to get me to come up there for a while, but that’s my guy. He was happy for me.”
Williams said he “had an idea” that he might get an offer from Tennessee. He said the Vols had “been showing interest the past few weeks.”
“I guess they’ve just been kind of following me game by game,” Williams said. “Coach Mack stopped by. He talked to my coach, and then my coach let me know the news.
“(Mack) pretty much was telling me they need a bigger back in the room. They’re looking for an every-down back. That’s pretty much all he’s told me so far. Just talking about my game and stuff like that.”
Nebraska, West Virginia and Louisville hosted Williams on official visits in June before he announced his commitment to the Mountaineers on July 5. With Tennessee and Michigan having extended offers to him, and with Auburn, Alabama and others also showing interest, he said he’s likely to use his two remaining official visits.
“I definitely think I’ll use those other two, because you only get the opportunity once,” he said. “So I’ll just use those last two visits on the best two places that I think I would love to go visit. …
“But I’m still just checking out everything. I’m in a really good spot with West Virginia. I mean, the relationship there hasn’t changed at all. I’m just looking around, just making sure I make the right decision. But West Virginia is in a great spot, still my school. It doesn’t really hurt just to look around and just make sure.”
(Photo: Keith Niebuhr, 247Sports)
It remains to be seen whether Tennessee will get one of his official visits.
“I’ll probably start off going up there on an unofficial, then see how everything is and go from there,” Williams said.
He said he hasn’t been back to West Virginia recently because “it’s so hard to get back and forth from up there,” but he’s “going to try to head back up there (for) the game they play against Texas” on Nov. 20.
Williams said his relationships with West Virginia coach Neal Brown’s staff, along with the Mountaineers’ players and other commitments, are among the main reasons he still feels good about his commitment nearly four months later.
“I love the coaching staff really well,” Williams said. “I feel like this recruiting class that we’re about to bring into West Virginia, it’s the best class they ever had. I’ve got a great bond with all those guys over there. It was almost like family when we went up there on that visit, so that’s why I feel it’s a good spot for me — just the bonds and the stuff I made up there.
“And just going in and having an opportunity to compete for a spot, as well — a starting spot at West Virginia — because Leddie (Brown) will be entering the draft, so I’ve got a chance to go in there and compete for a starting spot.”
He said it will be an unofficial visit, although he still has two remaining official visits and hasn't ruled out that Tennessee could get one of them.

"I'm going up there for the Georgia game next weekend," said Williams, who's ranked the No. 368 overall prospect and No. 32 running back in the 2022 class, according to the industry-generated 247Sports Composite. "We've been talking ever since they offered. They've been on me pretty consistently."

"I talked to (Heupel), I think it was Sunday," Williams said. "He was pretty much telling me how much he likes me, my film. He said he's looking for a guy to come in and start, and he feels like I can be that guy. He just said he likes the way I run the ball. And, pretty much, he just talked about some personal stuff, just wanting to get to know me a little bit better."

"I heard they're crazy," Williams said. "I heard they're electric, so I'm going to be really excited to go see the atmosphere, meet the coaches and stuff like that — just get in the environment, see what their program has to offer, pretty much, and just check out some of the facilities and stuff like that."

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