'20 GA QB Harrison Bailey (UT commit 11.29.18)


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Oct 17, 2012
I'm not sure JG is the starter his last 2 years. He was starter by default last season. Looking at SEC QB's last season JG wouldn't have started of most SEC teams starter's last year. Not at Ala over Tua nor Hurts, Not at Auburn over Stidham, Not at Mizzou over Locke, not at Miss St over Fitzgerald, not at S.Car over Bentley, not at A'M over Mond, not at Ga over Fromm,not at Vandy over Shurmur, not at Ole Miss over Ta'amu or at Fla over Frank's and not at LSU over Burrows.. He would have beaten out UK's and Arky's starting QB's. JG just never had anyone push him for the starting job this year.

Just think, last year JP tried to get E.Carolina's QB transfer Minshew, who ended up putting huge number's at Wash St last season to transfer to TN. JG wouldn't have beaten him out had he ended up in Knoxville. JG will benefit having a RS FR and True FR competing with him for the job this year. But ask Eason, Hurts,Kelly Bryant how secure a QB's starting job is. No matter who starts this year, I hope there is actual competition and they all push each other to get better. But don't sleep on Shrout! But 2020 with JG,Shrout,Maurer and Bailey will be fun to follow. JG knew his job was never in jeopardy last season. But JP liked Shrout just as much as Helton did, don't buy what K-Town is spewing..He has no clue unless it's JG related.
Unless we bring in another QB, JG will be the starter by default in 2019. as starters. Pruitt showed a lot of loyalty to JG in 2018, Maurer probably won’t be ready to start yet, and Shrout is a project who needs a lot more development. Smart money is on JG unless we get a GT or Maurer turns out to be a complete phenom.

Things will be more interesting once Maurer has a year under his belt and Bailey is on campus, though. I could see JG losing his spot as a SR if he doesn’t continue to improve with those two behind him. Shrout was always a guy who was gonna need a lot of time for development and with Maurer on campus and Bailey committed, his window is closing fast.


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Feb 18, 2011
I don’t think ESPN has updated their ESPN 300 list yet for the 2020 class.

Those rankings have been the same for a whole year.
Just going from this article posted at 10am. Either way, I'm sure there will be a lot more shakeup

The ESPN Junior 300 not only has a new look, but a unique one as well. You would have to go back to 2014, when Leonard Fournette did it, to find the last time a running back has finished atop the ESPN 300 rankings. That was only the second time in the history of the rankings a running back was No. 1.

There is still a long way to go before the Class of 2020 rankings are sealed for good, but the final edition of the Junior 300 before these athletes become seniors has a new No. 1, Zachary Evans out of North Shore High School in Houston. Evans is coming off an impressive junior season in which he rushed for over 1,700 yards and nearly 30 touchdowns while helping his team to a state title.


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Aug 1, 2018
stop debating it. its JGs job if you dont like it then dont watch. the rest will compete when hes done
Is that because you've made the Proclamation? I think I'd rather see our QB earn his position. The starting QB cannot be determined on the basis of royalty. He does not have a Birthright to run the program. Your proclamation to just not watching if you don't like it can be equated to Jerry greens statement that Vols fan should go to Kmart instead of the basketball games. It just makes no sense
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