'25 GA OT Josh Petty

Rodney Hudson is the last FSU OL to have much NFL success, and he was drafted in 2011.

Petty knows this.

Also, when you have current NFL guys like Trey and Darnell shooting the odd text at kids like Petty and Sanders, it means more than you’d think.

There’s every football reason for him to be a Vol. Just depends on what is important to him. Not gonna fault him for wanting to be close to family.
He has family in Tallahassee?

Because Knoxville is 3 hours away from Roswell Ga
While Tallahassee is 5 hours
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FSU mod put in a CB for FSU. That being said the guy is only correct 81% of the time. Which is extremely low for an expert.
I think its foolish for anyone to be 100% confident until the ink dries in today's game. Far too many things change and money is thrown around. Saying we are in a fantastic spot is as certain as he can say it without putting himself out there to look stupid.
Josh Petty and Tennessee continue to talk and while he originally planned on making a decision at the end of June but wasn’t ready. He is now off to Poland on a family trip and will work towards a decision then and announce upon his return. FSU remains the team most like for him but we have said for a while, Petty wouldn’t be a surprise to pick the Vols or Georgia Tech.

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