'21 GA OLB Smael Mondon


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Apr 19, 2010
Matt Simms practically spliced turf DNA into his body from being planted...didn’t make him a good QB.
Matt Simms stared at his first passing option. Constantly. JG does that too but only because he has PTSD from getting drilled so often. Worley was in the worst possible offensive system for his skill set.
Nov 11, 2019
Who would you have kept longer? Butch or Dooley? Neither should have been hired. Given the hires though, Dooley was fired a year too late, and Butch was fired three years too late. With both it was clear after their second season.

Yeah, it was time for both to go. IMO you could argue Butch wasn't any better than Dooley. My thing is, Dooley was up against Spurrier's good USCe teams, Urban's UF, early Muschamp's good UF off Meyer's coattails, James Franklin's Vandy teams, and even Petrino's Ark, Mullen's Miss St, LSU, etc. He just couldn't get over the hump against a grueling schedule. Then lose to UK one year and Vandy the next, you're a goner.

Butch may have beaten transitioning UGA teams and McElwain UF with unscripted Dobbs-magic, but even in his prime he still dropped games to UK, Vandy (not your Dooley's Vandy either), mediocre Muschamp SC.... In his 2 good years, he also had the benefit of a 3-9 USCe team, a 4-8 Vandy team, and a 4-8 Mizzou team. Were we really better, or was the rest of the East just weaker and we had Dobbs to lead us to a few fluky Ws?

But let's get back on topic here: Who would Smael have a better career with, Dooley or Butch?

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