'19 GA OL Wanya Morris (Tennessee signee)

Mar 1, 2012
We will be updating rankings throughout the week, one step at a time, starting Monday. I think it will be around noon ET.

I wanted to drop this note here, so you would not be surprised.

Wanya Morris is dropping from a 5-star (6.1 rivals rating) to a 4-star (6.0 rivals rating). I think he will be the No. 31-ranked 4-star star in the Rivals100. He is the third highest 4-star now.

He is one in a small group that we want to see in the All-American setting for a week to evaluate one more time.

What it came down to was; he was so up and down this season. He just did not match up to other 5-star performers week in and week out. He had two nationally televised games, so a lot of other analysts saw him play too, and he really struggled against Archer and Bergen Catholic. He would have a couple of good plays, then some bad plays. The consistency was not there, and that is what led to the drop. He has the talent and ability, but we just wanted to see a little more game in and game out.

I have seen him a lot and I love the upside, but to finish a 5-star this cycle, Morris will have to have a very strong, consistent week in Orlando. He is one we will likely be featuring in a story as we get closer to those games as a player who could earn a fifth star back like Dylan Moses did a few years ago.

I just wanted to drop this here, so you would know what to expect.
-Chad Simmons


Homer McFanboy
Apr 5, 2009
Not going to get worked up over this. I've always preferred 247s rankings anyways.

There was a recruits dad who came out recently and confirmed how political rivals is - they pander to the kids who let them (rivals) break stories on visits and offers, as well as camp with them.

Regardless of what they want to say, he's a day one starter for us and health allowing, an eventual very high first round draft pick.


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Feb 16, 2009
Rivals, as a whole, has been and always will be a joke till they change their leadership. Some of the local sites, like VQ, are fine, but nationally Rivals is a POS.
Yeah I wish VQ was on 247. It's like 247 network is the best but gv247 is pathetic. They get no news. It's so dead. Their chats are worthless. It's basically waiting on someone in network to give info or for them to confirm they hear what VQ hears. They have been outhrigjt awful in this current search that I don't know if they realize we need an OC. Rivals network is pathetic but VQ crew is one of the best

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