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Jul 29, 2018
Sheeesh. I saw them just after infamous died.
I dont know how I did not hear about it. Moved around alot back several years ago. Was not on internet much back then. Seen that video the other day and seen it mentioned in the comments. Sucks but we all get old eventually and pass, been listening to them since my senior year in 94.
Mar 1, 2012
Tate Ratledge is a MAJOR target for Tennessee and others in the 2020 class and he is looking to make a decision in the spring or summer. Ratledge told me Monday morning that he is looking to take visits to Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee "soon" because he is getting "closer" to a decision.

He did say that the loss of Brent Key at Alabama does hurt the Tide some because they have a great relationship. Key going to Georgia Tech does not put the Yellow Jackets in this race. Ratledge said that he is now waiting to see who Alabama hires to the OL, then he will re-evaluate things there. South Carolina is another school that he mentioned that he may visit in the near future.

He has no visits set and one thing that he told me this morning is, he wants to take visits when there is not much going on at each school. He knows a lot about Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee, so he said he wants "more one-on-one time with the coaches" during each visit. Ratledge is very low-key, he does not like to draw attention to himself, so look for him to try to take some quiet visits in the coming weeks/months as he works towards a decision before his senior season.

As of now, I hear UGA has the edge, especially with Key leaving Alabama. Tennessee is the dark horse here because he and his family grew up HUGE Vols fans. Ratledge saw some improvement last season at UT. The Vols have always been on the list, and they have been viewed as the No. 3 school behind Bama and UGA, and I still see it that way today, but the visits will be key here.

Sam Pittman at UGA has put the Bulldogs in a good spot today, but this is far from over. Alabama has been viewed as the favorite too in recent months. Can Will Friend, Jeremy Pruitt and the staff at UT change this? Ratledge does not want to go visit schools right now for Junior Days, and things of that nature, so he is one we will try to track when not much is going on at the schools mentioned.
-Chad Simmons post on VQ


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Nov 17, 2017
What did Butch do with him?
He texted Trevor Lawrence and another QB recruit at the same time and they happened to be sitting beside each other. He was saying how he (to each of them) was the future at QB for us essentially. Ratledge, he just didn't establish a relationship with at all before he left even though the family are HUGE TN fans. @SweetasSoda
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