‘23 GA LB Troy Ford Jr



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Nov 30, 2010
“Going up to the campus and seeing the surroundings everywhere it’s located, I really liked it,” said Ford, who’s ranked by 247Sports as the No. 41 defensive lineman in the 2023 class. “And the stadium itself was breathtaking, especially when the fans went in there and started cheering. Probably the loudest stadium I’ve ever been in. …

“I’m definitely more interested — the atmosphere. The fans were going crazy in that stadium. I would love to play somewhere like that in my college career.”
“I already heard that it was going to be, like, a good game, and the fans were going to be good,” he said. “But I didn’t expect it to be as loud as it was. They checkerboarded the stadium. The lights were going on, so it definitely still caught me by surprise even though I heard about it in advance.”
“It was my first time seeing them, and I thought they played extremely well, especially for them being unranked and then almost beating a ranked team. They fought extremely hard,” Ford said.

“That’s a huge deal. I had already known a couple Tennessee fans around my school who are always telling me they’re trying to get the program back up and back to the top, and after seeing them almost (get) that win (Saturday) night, they came really close.”
“I know, before the Vol Walk happened, we walked through where the players did, and they were already cheering for us and all that,” he said, “so that was a great experience with the fans.”

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