'25 GA LB Jadon Perlotte (uga commit)

School: Buford (Ga.)
On3 Industry Ranking: No. 133 NATL. (No. 14 LB)
Simmons — Flip: “There has been so much chatter about Perlotte and him looking at other schools. In the end, odds favor that he doesn’t end up at Georgia.”
Wiltfong — Flip: “As my colleague Chad Simmons has been out in front of, Tennessee is the program with momentum right now for Perlotte. Georgia has put out past fires with Florida State and Auburn. Not sure they can with this one.”
Random GQ poster: Who are we more likely to land, Shaedy or Perlotte?

AP: Both

So weird - on today’s pod AP talking about how JP has been acting different and more distant after his uga visit last weekend. Said his gut told him there was a 49% chance or lower we get him. (Question was a percentage based question on numerous kids and if we land them. Basically 51% or higher/49% or lower). Not sure if anything I just typed makes sense but I haven’t had caffeine yet.


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