'25 GA LB Jadon Perlotte (uga commit)

You never explained how my assertions here are positive for UGA, but whatever. Still zero substance from you.

I don’t feel the need to rehash all the evidence that this is a slow play. It’s just a recruiting tactic. Any positive or negative connotations for either team are projections you’ve put on it.

You’ll find me in the Morgan thread telling folks it can’t be a miss if we don’t pursue.

Or in the Smith thread saying it’s the kind of battle we need to win for our goal.

The only pattern here me calling it as I see it, and you being fragile.

LMAO. Anything but fragile, brother.

You be you. I'll just chuckle at it. Simple as that!

Have a fantastic day - great day to be a dawg, I'm sure! :)
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Is what we do on here faintly resemble “reporting”? 🤔 There’s been some posters, who are fans of other programs, rattle their gums about why Clemson, Bama, Florida, UGA et al are unobtainable levels and we should satisfy ourselves with making a bowl and winning records against Vandy and Tucky. Never found said prattling USEFUL and never mourned their “loss” when we didn’t buy their motor oil and they disappeared. There’s always another blowhard with an agenda. 😴
Vast majority no. But there have been a few.
You know this is just how I am, na.
So much effort sorting through the back and forth middle school bickering on every player’s page to find legit recruiting updates and thoughts lol
I can only be held responsible for this player’s page.

UGA is slow playing him, and now we’re probably gonna get him.

Now you’re updated 🙂
Lack of any tolerance for nuance or reality? As long as VN is online

Me defending myself for not passing some fools’ sunshine lithmus test? As long as I’m online

You doing snarky hit and runs without engaging any points in good faith? Only you can answer that.
The thing is that there isa handful of people here tht actually know, and then there’s you just speculating your asš off lol
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I’m fully in agreement…wholeheartedly endorse it! Dabo has two NCs and shouldn’t participate in NIL for high school recruits and should continue his ghosting of the portal! Kirby should only offer em a Charger and PornHub subscriptions and they should thank him. 😏
Hey now
I didn’t say not paying I said not overpaying
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Gass is supposed to commit on the 20th. It seems like under the current coaching staff that we almost never get two commits in one day.
Dates are always a bit gray unless they straight up announce it. I had heard a date for Gass and it ended up being the date he announced his date lol.

Just sharing my guess based off what’s out there.

Date I heard for Utu, Tre, Onis and Sanders all ended up accurate.

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