'21 GA CB Nyland Green



Sep 7, 2011
Last week he tripped to Florida State. The week before, Green visited Auburn, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennesse. "I am up to 46 offers and recruiting can get crazy, but I don't let it control my life," said Green. "I am still enjoying it all, taking the visits and just taking it day by day. If schools want to recruit me hard, and hit me up every day, that is fine, but I am just going to live my life as a kid.
"LSU, Georgia, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Florida State, Florida and some other schools are hitting me up almost every day. It doesn't bother me. It does make me feel important, but I do not let recruiting get in the way of my life. "I visited five schools recently and when we can get back out, I will take more. I am just exploring the options right now."
"I think I have visited Tennessee four or five times now and I really like how it feels like family. They are always checking on me, my sister, my dad and just trying to connect with me and my family. They make it more about family than football with me. Coach Ansley is my guy up there and we have a good relationship. I like how he coaches and he is a smart guy who has coached some good players"
"I will be cutting my list down sometime soon. I am not sure exactly with schools out now and visits not allowed, but I still think it will happen pretty soon. I really think I will have it down to somewhere around 10 schools pretty soon." "I am searching for the best fit for me. I am the most important person in this process. I want to find that staff that cares about me on the field, off the field and is ready me develop as a person and a player."
"I am thinking I will commit at some time during the season. I am hoping to take a few official visits in the summer, then finish them out early in the season." Green is not ready to drop any hints about the schools that will make his list, but it sounds like the five he just visited will be on it. He was planning to get to LSU and Oklahoma in the coming weeks, so we will see when he gets back to Baton Rouge and to Norman for the first time once prospects are allowed. Some feel the hometown school Georgia has an edge, but he did not show that in this interview. What he made clear is that he is nowhere near a decision, and that his recruitment will go into the fall.
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