'20 GA ATH Wesley Steiner


Big Gucci Sosa

300 bih that’s the team
Feb 4, 2015
"A lot of other schools are talking to me a lot right now. Kentucky, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Clemson and Georgia Tech are some of those. Tennessee has really come on recently. I have been talking a lot to coach Kevin Sherrer. I am more interested in Georgia Tech now too with the new coaching staff there.

"I do not have any other visits outside of the one to Stanford scheduled right now. I know I am going to camp this summer at Auburn, Clemson, Tennessee and LSU. I may do more. Working with the coaches and learning more about them is very important to me, so the camps show me a lot.

"I just have to get out and find out if the school is right for me or not. A lot will play into it. I want to see who is fake and who is genuine."

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