Friday weigh in thread

I've accidentally lost 2 pounds over the last week and a half or so, mostly from not having time to eat. Not a sustainable model going forward, but with the end of the semester approaching and ~5 weeks off before spring semester roars back, I'm motivated to get an organized and semi-disciplined program of diet and exercise going.

Classes for my major (Ecology and Environmental Biology) include a lot of off-campus labs involving scrambling up and down mountain trails. I kept up pretty well through the first 7-8 weeks but ran out of gas toward the end, before the weather drove us back indoors. Keeping up with 19-year-old Zoomers isn't easy for this Boomer! I plan to get in better cardiovascular and strength shape before I find myself back out on a mountain bald, gazing at (very) fresh bear scat. lol
remember, you don't have to out run the bear. just your slowest friend.
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I have went up to 225 while I have been strength training the last 16 weeks.
bench up from 255 to 295 Shooting for 300 max next week
squat up to 360 pretty easily (never had done more than 313) shooting for 400 next week
deadlift is 360 (previous high was 330) lower back isn't great but shooting for 400

Hope to report back at an 1100 lb total by the end of next week.
Damn Thanksgiving lol

Week 1: 180.2
2: 182.1
3. 183.2
4. 182.0
5. 180.2
6. 178.0
7. 180.8
8. 182.4
9. 181.2
10. 181.0
11. 179.4
12. 177.4
13. 176.6
14. 176.0
15. 177.0
16. 173.0
17. 170.4
18. 171.6
Too many Thanksgiving leftovers. Also bought a huge Costco Pumpkin Pie and polished it off in two days.
I actually weighed myself on Monday and I was 171.6 so I am happy about bringing my weight back down
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