Former Vol Al Wilson being sued for bar fight



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Nov 23, 2004
Broncos' Wilson facing suit over bar fight

By Deborah Sherman

Broncos linebacker Al Wilson and two former teammates are being sued over a bloody bar fight in downtown Denver two years ago.

Tyrone Gray claims Wilson and then-defensive ends Kavika Pittman and Keith Washington severely beat him at the Zodiac club on Market Street in April 2002.

Gray is suing for at least $300,000 for medical care to treat dizziness, headaches and neck and shoulder pain he said was caused by the attack.

In the lawsuit, Gray claims he was fighting another person when the Broncos players jumped in. He alleges they punched and kicked him, hit him over the head with a steel bar stool and left him on the ground bleeding.

"All I remember thinking was, 'Am I going to make it out of here?"' Gray said in a court deposition. "Because I was getting kicked so hard. They just kept kicking me."

Medical records show Gray, 34, needed seven stitches, had cuts and bruises, complained of shoulder and head pain and had a bite mark on his chest.

Jeff Springer, attorney for all three players, said Washington and Pittman got involved to help the person Gray was fighting. He said Gray also provoked a fight by throwing a pitcher of beer on the two, and that Wilson was outside the bar during the brawl.

Records show Gray fought with police and was arrested later that night.

Gray has been convicted in the past on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon and has been charged at least 23 times in the past decade for incidents ranging from disorderly conduct to damaging property.

No Broncos were arrested after the Zodiac fight. Two months later, Wilson was arrested after a different bar fight, a charge that was later dismissed.

Washington currently plays for the New York Giants and Pittman plays for the Carolina Panthers. Both are on injured reserve.

The trial is scheduled for March 14 in Denver District Court.
Originally posted by GoVolsDogg@Dec 16, 2004 3:19 AM
Wilson was outside the bar during the brawl.

That fellow ought to be grateful that Wilson was not in on the fight... or he would have really had some injuries!
sounds like this guy is a trouble maker who got hiss a** kicked now he wants to piss moan and sue, if you a smart-a** and run your mouth be man enough to take a whoop'n or keep your mouth shut! and somebody outta kick the crap outta the lawyer representing this chowder head
I just don't understand why anyone would want to throw beer on football players. How stupid is that? Sounds like he deserved to get everything he got for his stupidity.
I also think this is some bs story.

Al Wilson is 6' 245, Pittman is around 6'2 280 and Ketih Washington is 6'3 290, and he wants to claim that it took these 3 guys to beat his ass? Highly unlikely, this guy would be in the mourgue if those 3 all whooped up on him.
to borrow a quote from a sports radio sound byte...concerning this event as well as the pacers' recent brawl....'whats this country come to when we cant just enjoy a good ole fashioned ass whippin?!" :eek:lol:

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