'21 FL SDE Darrell Jackson (Tennessee Commit)


Sep 7, 2011
"The biggest things for me is the culture at Tennessee and the coaches," said Jackson. ""I haven't ever seen anything like what it's like at Tennessee. The stadium is amazing, the fans are awesome and it is different up there. I like it there a lot. "Then the communication has been great. I talk a lot with coach Felton and coach Ansley a lot. They always check on me, I like both coaches a lot and they are cool guys. "With what Tennessee is like and the coaching style there, it is just a great place to be."
"I have been watching them play each game on TV and they are playing really well. I watch the full game, but I really try to watch the defense and the defensive line closely. I want to see how the defense is run, how the defensive ends play and things like that. "I like how they are playing right now. The defense is strong and I like the athletes out there." Not all schools have backed off Jackson, a three-star in the Sunshine State. In-state schools like FAU, FIU and Miami are in constant contact. Others like Boston College and Mississippi State are involved too.
"I am still strong to Tennessee right now, but I am still listening to the coaches and hearing them," said Jackson. "Schools are still hitting me up about every day and I am going to learn more about Mississippi State, see what others are saying, but I still have Tennessee on top." His teammate Joshua Farmer is committed to Florida State, and like Jackson, he said his commitment to the Seminoles is "strong" right now, but the two are really hoping to stay together on the next level, so that could be something to watch.

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