'21 FL ILB Terrence Lewis (Tennessee Commit)


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Feb 23, 2014
Their update was laughable. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe only 2 players lost their 5 star status in the update, Lewis and Brooks, who just so happen to be our only two 5 star commits. No camps, no injuries, they just cite lack of production for the drop. Really? Nothing changed. They didn't go back and correct anyone's stats months after the season ended. This was literally the equivalent of click bait on the part of 247. They know Vol fan interest in recruiting has been heating up so they drop these bogus ranking to fire up the fan base even more to gain clicks. Trash site is trash. In fact, they're all trash these days more worried about sucking the teat of the Bammers and Buckeyes. Sorry 247 our fan base has a site that is better and we don't need to use your sorry site.
they couldn't have made it more obvious if they wanted to. Never put much stock into the rating sites anyways, just look at the offers.

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