Everyone who vowed to quit.

The Tall Gguy

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Oct 16, 2008
It was byu or sometime after we were 0-2 not utc, that was my mistake. Look I don't care one way or the other. I wouldn't make it up and single you out if I didn't remember it. The wash st logo is why I even remembered in the first place. You pretty much said you were done with them for now. I can't remember word for word, I should have saved it. I'm sure your a fan, my apologies for bringing it up without having the exact quote but you did say something to that effect. But it's over as far as I am concerned, many more have said similar things in the heat of the moment. GBO!
That's cool. I have said alot, but can't remember ever saying I was done..I did go back to GA State and apparently I was a HUGE proponent for the empty Neyland movement. Freak got on me about that...and rightfully so.
It's over, like I said no matter what people say on here, they can't quit.


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Jun 18, 2015
I hope everyone who proclaimed they were done with the Vols at some point this season stays away. The program certainly doesn't need you. GBO.
Seems like all the ones that were picking another team or would find something else to do while the Vols were playing, all said they would come back once the Vols started winning again.

I wonder if beating these scrub teams to finish the season will be enough for them to come back. Or are they waiting for the Vols to beat some legit teams?

Behr said it best. We get to see game 13. I wish it were more.
Sep 2, 2008
Lmao negativity helping a program...said no coach ever. Go ask Pruitt if he wants off-field distractions, grown manchildren tweeting at players from their parents' basement, hate mail, death threats to his qb, movements to "empty the stadium", etc. Smdh man

And "not settling" means what? Did you donate millions to hire a new coach or just complain from your keyboard and sow discontent? Way to stand up lmao

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