Edit- Down goes Michigan!



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Jul 21, 2010
I was flipping channels and reading numerous articles regarding March Madness projections. I turned to the Michigan at Illinois game, thinking it was over. Dickinson came alive as the Wolverines went on a 7-0 run with a chance to win late in the game. They will be in the dance with a win so hopefully Illinois can regain the momentum and get the win in overtime. But Michigan is up three early in OT.

That loss to Michigan still stings.
Dickinson has 25 and taking over. Five point Michigan lead with 1.38 left. This game is over and Michigan will will get an automatic bid as they are getting hot at the rt moment.

My concern is we will face someone athletic similar to Michigan, Duke etc.
It’s strange how we struggle against Big 10 teams in the dance.

Purdue and Michigan come to mind as the most recent losses. The Purdue game was over, but the infamous “whistle” gave Purdue three foul shots that sent the game to O/T. It seems we plays against a team that is a poor matchup or against someone who unexpectedly gets hot.

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